Athletics Overview


Students participating in any after school sports program will be under the supervision of the coach. Brothers and sisters of team members who are not on the team are not permitted to wait for them on school grounds unless they are in the Extended Care Program. Should a sports practice or game be canceled or finish early, the coach will walk any students who have not been picked up by their parents to Extended Care. There will be no charge for Extended Care in this instance.

All students and parents must attend organizational sports meetings at the beginning of the season. Specific information and an agreement form will be given to the parents and students to sign before they may participate in each sport. Information regarding each sport’s expectations will also be given by the athletic director prior to the beginning of each sport season. A commitment form stating the parent/child will complete the sport season in its entirety may also be needed.

Boys and girls in grades 5-8, who have not turned 15 by September 1, may participate in team sports. Boys may participate in flag football, basketball and baseball. Girls may participate in volleyball, softball and basketball.


Students participating in a sport are charged a non-refundable fee of $50.00 per sport. Sports fees must be paid prior to the first practice. If the student becomes ineligible, the fee is non-refundable.


Academics are a priority. Students must maintain a “C” in all subject areas. A student may not represent the school in any game until all grades are passing (C). If a student is referred to the Principal for a disciplinary purpose, he/she may be suspended for one game.