Our Faculty & Staff

The school office is open Monday-Thursday 8:00am-2:30pm and 8:00am-12:30pm on Fridays.

The principal supports an open-door policy in which he is willing to listen to the concerns of the parents in an appropriate setting and scheduled time. This is after contact with the teacher when applicable. To schedule a time to speak to the principal, contact the school office at 623-932-3313.

School Administration

Mr. Doug Weivoda, M. ED, M.B.A.Principal
Mrs. Letty RodriguezPreschool Director
Mrs. Maria MesquitaAdministrative Assistant
Mrs. Veronica GarciaAdministrative Assistant/Health Aide


Mrs. GranadosPreschool 3 year old (PK3)
Mrs. BakerPreschool 3 year old (PK3) Aide
Ms. WingatePreschool 3 year old (PK3)
Mrs. BeyalePreschool 3 year old (PK3) Aide
Ms. StennerPreschool 3 year old Aide
Mrs. DreherPreschool 4 year old (PK4A)
Mrs. BustamantePreschool 4 year old (PK4A) Aide
Ms. EliasPreschool 4 year old (PK4B)
Mrs. LemusPreschool 4 year old (PK4B) Aide
Ms. CarrascoPreschool 4 year old Aide


Mrs. HerreraKindergarten A Teacher
Mrs. GonzalezKindergarten A Aide
Mrs. SanchezKindergarten B Teacher
Ms. HenkeKindergarten B Aide

First Grade

Mrs. VargasFirst Grade Teacher 1A
Ms. VelazquezFirst Grade Teacher 1B

Second Grade

Mrs. VazquezSecond Grade Teacher 2A
Mrs. GollerSecond Grade Teacher 2B

Third Grade

Mrs. SmithThird Grade Teacher 3A
Mrs. MenaThird Grade Teacher 3B

Fourth Grade

Mrs. RivasFourth Grade Teacher 4A
Mrs. DowaloFourth Grade Teacher 4B

Fifth Grade

Mrs. ArnoldFifth Grade Teacher 5A
Ms. ChamberlainFifth Grade Teacher 5B

Sixth Grade

Mrs. PadillaSixth Grade Teacher 6A
Mrs. LopezSixth Grade Teacher 6B

Middle School

Mr. CarranzaSeventh Grade Teacher 7A
Ms. WalkerSeventh Grade Teacher 7B
Mrs. CazaresEighth Grade Teacher 8A
Ms. TemelesEighth Grade Teacher 8B

Specials All Grades

Mr. WitsellPhysical Education
Mrs. FloresLibrary
Mr. RodriguezLibrary
Mrs. HerreraMusic
Mrs. GonzalezMusic / Art

Extended Care All Grades

Ms. MedinaExtended Care Aide
Ms. EsquivelExtended Care Aide
Ms. FlorezExtended Care Aide