SJV is dedicated to the safety and well being of all students. Therefore, the following policies and action plans have been created.

Emergency Contact Information

All families must keep an updated emergency card for each child on file in the school office. Please notify the school immediately of any changes during the year. The emergency card specifies who may or may not pick up your child. The school will not allow the child to dismiss with anyone unless it is explicitly specified in writing.


Teachers, instructional assistants, and administrative staff (with the assistance of parent volunteers) supervise the school and playground areas during recess and lunch periods. Each is aware of the safety rules of the school and are particularly alert to any behavior that might endanger or lead to injuries. No students are permitted on campus after school hours, unless they are in the Extended Care Program or under the supervision of authorized campus personnel. Additionally, after school all students not in extended care must be in the physical care of their parent/guardian. Students may not roam the campus unsupervised or play on the playground equipment.


All parents, visitors, volunteers, etc. to the school must sign in at the school office at all times and wear a visitor badge. Classes may not be interrupted at any time by anyone without obtaining permission or clearance from the office, the Preschool Director, or the Principal. All visitors or volunteers must have attended and be current in Safe Environment Training. To obtain information or a schedule of the “Called to Protect” classes offered throughout the Diocese, see Bringing younger siblings on campus during the instructional day is solely at the discretion of the Principal and the Preschool Director.

Catholic High School students requesting service hours must make arrangements in advance and receive prior approval for the service before coming onto the campus. St. John Vianney Catholic School cannot assume the liability for students who are not enrolled at SJV.

Privacy Policies

Before the use of a student’s name or likeness, whether in still, motion pictures, audio or video tape, photographs and /or other reproduction of a student, including voice and features with or without the name of a student for any promotional purposes involving the Diocese, parish or school, news or feature stories in any media or other purposes whatsoever, written permission for publication of this information will be secured from the parents. If a student does not have a photo release form on file, that student will still be included in the official school class picture and yearbook. Names and addresses of students and faculty shall not be made available to anyone outside the administration and programs of St. John Vianney School and the Diocese of Phoenix.


St. John Vianney Catholic School strives to provide a safe environment for all individuals. Students have a responsibility to represent our school in a positive manner and respect the privacy of school employees and students. Engagement in online blogs and social media websites (i.e. Facebook etc.) may result in disciplinary actions if the content of the student’s blog or post includes defamatory comments regarding the school, faculty, other students or the parish. Any kind of threat made against the physical, or emotional well-being of any individual is taken very seriously. Students making such threats may face detention, suspension and/or expulsion. Bullying of any type (i.e. Physical, Verbal, Relational, or Cyber) is not tolerated. The Principal investigates all complaints of bullying as it is contrary to our Christian values.

Crisis Intervention

An organized plan of action is in place should a crisis arise on or near our campus. The plan includes detailed lockdown procedures, fire emergency procedures, and evacuation plans. Each classroom is equipped with a chart of information regarding crisis procedures, and teachers are trained in crisis management several times each year. A copy of our “Crisis Intervention Plan” is housed in the office for viewing.

Environmental Safety (Asbestos)

As directed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all schools are required to inspect their buildings and facilities and to identify, sample and analyze all friable and non-friable building materials that may contain asbestos. Friable materials are defined as those that can be easily crumbled by hand. The Asbestos in School Rules and the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) regulation further requires that all parents, teachers and employees of a school where asbestos is found, be notified.

The Asbestos Office of the Diocese of Phoenix has conducted an inspection of our entire school facility. Any friable asbestos containing material that has been found to be damaged has been repaired or removed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The non-friable asbestos containing material will be maintained as it is and re-inspected visually every six months for any physical damage until it is eventually removed.

Repair or removal is done by contractors experienced and certified in this type of work. After repair or removal, an extensive survey is completed to ensure that all of the school areas are safe and free of asbestos fibers.