Tuition & Fees

The tuition for the 2023-2024 school-year is set as follows for Preschool and Grades K-8th:

Preschool Kindergarten - 8th
Tuition $6,300 $6,300

Gesell Assessment: A $50 Assessment fee is charged at the time of assessment for each student being tested prior to Kindergarten entry.

Tuition Payments

All families are required to make tuition payments using the FACTS system (an automated payment plan made through your checking or savings account) according to one of the following plans.

  • Full payment: The entire amount of tuition is paid upon registration.
  • 2 Equal Payments: Payments are made once a semester. ( August & January)
  • Monthly payments: The entire amount of tuition is paid monthly over a 10 month period beginning in August through the FACTS Tuition Management Plan


All payments will be authorized through individual bank accounts to make automatic payments to the FACTS system on either the 5th, 15th or 20th of each month. In the event that a regularly scheduled payment is returned unpaid, FACTS will reattempt the missed payment within approximately two weeks. FACTS will send a communication to the responsible party advising of the specific date of the reattempt. The family will incur a FACTS fee for resubmitting the missed payment and a fee may be charged by your individual bank.

There will be a $25 fee assessed for any Non-suf icient funds transactions returned from the bank to St. John Vianney.

Late Payments

It shall be the responsibility of each school family to keep the school office informed of their need to make any changes in their payment arrangements. Without such information, the following policy will apply when tuition payments are missed or received late.

It is St. John Vianney Catholic School’s policy that any school families failing to pay tuition for two consecutive months, or according to the agreement that they have made with the School, or who have been unwilling to make suitable alternative arrangements with the Principal/Pastor, will be informed that their child(ren) will not be readmitted to the school.

All families not current in their previous payments of tuition or dues are subject to the following:

  • Students will not be admitted on the first day of school if tuition is not current.
  • By Christmas Break: Students will not be readmitted on the first day of class in January.
  • By April 15th: Students in eighth grade who have outstanding debts will not participate in any graduation activities (i.e. May Crowning, 8th grade Awards Ceremony, 8th grade field-trip, graduation ceremony).
  • By the Last Day of School: All students must Follow Diocesan Regulation 5.02, stated below: “Students will not be permitted to register at another Catholic school within the Diocese of Phoenix until financial obligations at the current or previous Catholic school within the Diocese have been met. Catholic schools may take other action until financial obligations have been met.”