Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer on Campus!  Donate your Time and Talent to the students of the school through the classroom, translation of documents, the Fall Gala, the Golf Tournament or even the Spring Fiesta! 

Bus Drivers Needed

Volunteers Needed to drive our Bus for Field Trips and Away Games!  To volunteer you must:

  • Complete the Safe Environment training.
  • Provide a 36 month Driving Record from the MVD.
  • Possess a valid Arizona CDL Drivers License with Passenger endorsement
  • Complete a 20 minute Driver Safety test offered by our insurance carrier-Catholic Mutual.
  • Complete a Drivers Record Form.

Please contact the Parish Office at (623) 932-3313.

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers for the school must undergo Safe Environment training. This consists of:

  • Completing the ‘Protecting God’s Children’ course.
  • Maintaining Safe Environment training each year that you volunteer.

For more details and to register for training, go to:


Contact Form

If you are interested in volunteering at our school, submit a contact request and someone will contact you shortly.

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